AR Prototype - Cyberpunk Version World 赛博朋克版本的世界

A rapid prototype for phone AR design, demos how we enter the cyberpunk version of the world.

The basic idea is that there are many version of our world we live and they are always there, all we need is just a portal to enter it, and regardless of what AR device we are using. So these AR worlds are consistent, and have location based contents to either provide useful information, or help entertain the users.

Post Mortem - Cyber Force

Cyber Force is a game that players perform as an ethical hacker hunting bugs in programs. Players enforce justice in the cyber world. The core mechanic is to find out the bugs among programs but the player need to be careful with his power – abuse will cause a domino effect and more bugs.

Post Mortem - The Modus Room

The Modus Room is a first-person puzzle game in which the player uses their mobile device to look and move around a room to examine and pick up objects in search for clues. When the players discovers a clues, they use the clues as solutions for the puzzles in order to find the key to the next rooms where more puzzles await.

Post Mortem - EcoLand

This time I was still in Team 8. Our game is EcoLand, a serious game about real-time strategy/management simulation in which the player controls an island populated by wild animals and growths of vegetation while managing factories that harvests the animals for meat. The goal is to wisely invest in resources to maintain animal population and plant life while keeping up with the meat supply demands of the industry over the course of one year.

Post Mortem - Swift

This time I was in the Team 8, and our game is called Swift. Swift origins from Zaxxon, an isometric shooter arcade game developed by Sega in 1982. So our game is still isometric, using art style like Monument Valley, remove the combat element, and make it a pure speed game.

Post Mortem - YoVenture

I was in the Team 3, which get the toy yo-yo. So we made a game called YoVenture, a 2D action platformer where you use a yo-yo not only for combat, but also as a tool to interact with the environment. We were inspired by the history of the yo-yo in Ancient China. You can find that the dragon in the boss level showed in the following picture is also in Chinese style.

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