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也是第一次这么折腾建站 XD


Unreal Shaders - Sun

Tried to make a Sun animation in Unreal Engine 4.16.1. Welcome any advice and suggestions :D

Unreal Shaders - Lava Flow

3D lava flow made in UE 4.14.3. Using blendshape for the lava shape in Maya, and animated materials in UE.

Unreal Shaders - for game Deliriant

Using UE 4.14.3 - 4.15.

Animation with Game Engine

Below is an animation I made specially for NASA Science Animation Fellowship application. Mainly made with Unreal game engine, with the help of Adobe Premiere and Houdini. Map data and models of ISS collected from NASA’s website.

Do you know what day was it?

Basic OpenGL Renderer

Git repo

This is an in-class solo project in Shader Development class, using OpenGL.

Post Mortem - Cyber Force

Cyber Force is a game that players perform as an ethical hacker hunting bugs in programs. Players enforce justice in the cyber world. The core mechanic is to find out the bugs among programs but the player need to be careful with his power – abuse will cause a domino effect and more bugs.

Snowy Scene Generator(Maya, Python)

The second project I decided to generate a snowy scene in Maya. At first I tried to emulate the scene using codes myself, but found it too complicated. Ian, our teacher, suggested me to use the particle system. So finally it’s down using particles.

Scene preview:

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