Snowflake Making Tool(Maya, Python)

This is my first tool on Technical Art class. I made a snowflake generate tool, use the given object from the user, to generate a beautiful piece of snowflake. This project is mainly for getting familiar with Python scripting in Maya.

Post Mortem - Swift

This time I was in the Team 8, and our game is called Swift. Swift origins from Zaxxon, an isometric shooter arcade game developed by Sega in 1982. So our game is still isometric, using art style like Monument Valley, remove the combat element, and make it a pure speed game.

Review of Android - NetRunner

Actually that was the first time I heard about the game Android: NetRunner when my teacher told me that we would play it in class on the Game Design class two month ago. I searched on the website, and it seems that it’s a very great new Trading Card Game, like Hearthstone. But I didn’t get any sense until I got the game - There are so many cards with so many characters which excited me greatly, and the nice punk art style also encourages me to explore the game deeply.

Game Overview

This game is about the story between corporations and hackers. It’s actually a Living Card Game. Not like the TCG games I played before, in NetRunner the two players play different characters - corporation and hacker. Corporation cannot play against corporation, and hacker cannot play against hacker.

Post Mortem - YoVenture

I was in the Team 3, which get the toy yo-yo. So we made a game called YoVenture, a 2D action platformer where you use a yo-yo not only for combat, but also as a tool to interact with the environment. We were inspired by the history of the yo-yo in Ancient China. You can find that the dragon in the boss level showed in the following picture is also in Chinese style.

Pizza DIY - 搭配选择的UI设计

This project was done by January 16, 2015, as the final project of the course Interactive Interface

Design & Development. Using CSS + HTML5 + Javascript.

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